The Course in Conscious Living

The Course in Conscious Living

With Clive Tempest

You are taken steadily towards a greater perception of the purpose of life and shown how to live with less stress and anxiety – with more love and freedom.

‘The Course in Conscious Living’ is a series of talks by Clive Tempest. They were recorded live with a small audience who contributed questions.

Someone who was there said: ‘He speaks from the deepest of deep places about how everything fits into the biggest of cosmic pictures, but he also deals in a really practical way with how to manage the difficulties of living. Absolutely brilliant. Highly recommended!’

The Course Is Presented In Five Parts

Part One: The True Individual

To bring about a new state of being we go from who we are to what we are.

Part Two: The End of Rationality

We discover that life is not what we think.

Part Three: The Next Step

We renew our perception to see life as it really is.

Part Four: Standing Your Ground

We resist the pull of the past and the lure of the future.
Part Five: Living Consciously
As It Happens
We accept what is and allow change to come.

Trailers for the Course

Watch a short video:  A Design for Conscious Living
Listen to this: Fragments of Perception
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Clive Tempest speaks about the evolution of consciousness and the purpose of our lives. He holds workshops and retreats in the UK and Finland and lives in Taunton, Somerset.

‘Our lives and brains are increasingly fragmented as our civilisation becomes ever more globally complex. To bring about radical change, we must defragment our perception, simplify our lives and clarify our purpose.’