The Course in Conscious Living

About the Course


This audio programme about conscious living connects you to what is most real in you and in your life. It supports you in the challenges that come when you’re willing to make a radical change – breaking away from what you know is not right for you, to find a more fulfilling purpose in life. You’re taken steadily through a process. You’re led away from your psychological life of thinking and worrying, and out of the negative relationships we all form by holding on to false beliefs and attitudes to ourselves and others. You learn to live more fully in your body and be ever more conscious of the intelligence that guides your life towards more purpose and fulfilment. Ultimately we find the authority, integrity and love that is always present when at last we can genuinely say, ‘I know what I am. And I am being that now – here, now and forever’.


The Course records the talks, dialogues, feedback and exercises given by Clive Tempest to a small group of people who met monthly at the Friends Meeting House in Taunton, England, from March 2016 to November 2017. Most of the members had been attending earlier talks and so were already acquainted with the basic propositions of the Course. You will easily catch up with them and the first talk gives the background context. They had also been practising chi gung (qigong) exercises with Clive and there are occasional references to terms like ‘the burners’ and the ‘dantien’. Even if you’re not familiar with terms like these it is generally clear what is meant by them.


To get the full benefit, listen at regular intervals. The talks are two and a half to three hours long. It’s good to take a break halfway through. And it’s best to schedule your listening for an evening or weekend afternoon every two weeks and keep up that routine. You are being invited to change your perception of yourself and your life. It takes time for the brain to adapt to the change. So the more you dedicate yourself to listening to the talks the better. The more you listen, the more you will hear. You can of course revisit any of the talks at any time during the period of your subscription.

Subscription Details

Your subscription for the Course lasts 12 months and costs £12GBP a month for the first nine months only (total £108) and is billed every calendar month. The recordings are distributed to you by the SendOwl service and you pay for them with a PayPal account. 

The day you subscribe and your first payment is taken you receive an email with a link to the first episode. Bookmark the link and then listen on your computer, tablet or phone. You get access to the next episode after two weeks.

They are streamed audio files, copyright protected and not for download. After you get each episode you can listen to it at any time until your subscription expires. You may cancel your subscription before the end of twelve months but if you do, or you miss a payment, your access to the streaming service will cease a month after the date of your last payment.

Before You Subscribe

Always remember that you are consciously working on yourself to bring about more good in you and your life, and in the lives of those you love. That’s the purpose. But please be aware that to live more consciously is to change yourself and this is not always easy. You may notice some temporary reactions  in yourself as you proceed. This is quite common and indicates that a change of perception is putting pressure on something in you that is unhappy. It is important that you know this, because you have to be able to take responsibility for what upsets you.

Clive Tempest does not take a psychological or medical approach to personal problems and if you’re undergoing psychological or psychiatric treatment you are advised to check with your doctors or therapists that they approve of your participation in the Course. By subscribing you accept that your mental health and wellbeing are your personal responsibility and your participation is at your own risk, decision and discretion.

Clive Tempest

Speaks about the evolution of consciousness and the purpose of our lives. He holds workshops and retreats in the UK and Finland and lives in Taunton, Somerset.

If you have not heard him speak before, you may want to listen to his podcasts: Search for ‘Meeting Mister Gogus’ on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast app. The first episode, ‘The Bigger Picture’, is a helpful introduction.