The Course in Conscious Living

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Part One: The True Individual

Week 1  Episode 1
Overview. What it means to be a true individual. Living consciously. What has to go if we are to come into a new state of being. 147 mins.

Week 3  Episode 2
Listening to life, living with an empty head, using discretion and discrimination, without working anything out. 144 mins.

Week 5  Episode 3
The Listening Being. The meditation from Talk Two for you to practise again (and again). 27 mins.

Week 7  Episode 4
Who I am and what I am. The original place of being. The Guiding Intelligence. Changing your brain. 160 mins.

Week 9  Episode 5
Self-centredness and the diamond point of your being. Gnosis. Your unique contribution to life. What do you care about? 158 mins.

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Part Two: The End of Rationality

Week 11  Episode 6
Dismantling your psychological life. Living without reference to cause and effect. Dismissing the monitor in the brain. Not thinking; listening with the body. 139 mins.

Week 13  Episode 7
Seeing life as it is. Recognising the moment of change. Being innocent. Dropping the need for security. Undermining the thinker. Dematerialising false identities. The practice of seeing space. 149 mins.

Week 15  Episode 8
The core propositions of this course. The evolution of consciousness. What cannot be understood. The limits of being rational. Cosmic power in reality. Truth, love and death – beyond the brain. Dislodging the thinker. When thinking stops. 149 mins.

Week 17  Episode 9
The cancer in our civilisation. Momentum. Seeing existence as it is. Violence and beauty. The escape into rationality. Our real purpose. Eliminating the interference in the brain. Advance by retreating. The complex devolves to the simple. The magic and drama of life: Shakespeare’s Tempest. 159 mins.

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Part Three: The Next Step

Week 19  Episode 10
Introduction to this part of the course. The evolutionary process. The guiding intelligence and Mister Gogus. What holds us back from living more consciously. Love in evolution and the funnel of emotion. Self-centredness. The truth and what’s true for you. 150 mins.

Week 21  Episode 11
The difference between being who you are and what you are. Our identities and subconscious drives. The reach and pull of the psyche. The truth and the half-truth. 146 mins.

Week 23  Episode 12
Our fragmented perception. The human condition. The way the psyche works. The truth of your life. Dealing with the effects of psychic pulls and the negativity of the human condition. 155 mins.

Week 25  Episode 13
What the psyche is. Its purpose in evolution. Dealing with psychic impacts and pressure. Removing emotional pain. 145 mins.

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Part Four: Standing Your Ground

Week 27  Episode 14
Summary of the Course so far. Being here, now. Being in and out of existence. Resisting psychic pulls. Releasing contraction. Willingness. 145 mins.

Week 29  Episode 15
Belief in the future. The implicit and explicit. Destiny and karma. Chaos and Order. Love and passion. 145 mins.

Week 31  Episode 16
The stages of transition from the psychological life to living more consciously. No self, no mind. Absence of self-reference. Being now – what it means. Your purpose. Time and space. Dropping attitudes. Being what I am in your body. 154 mins.

Week 33  Episode 17
Our interest in ourselves. Love and feelings. Dread and the dark. Being nothing. 38 mins.

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Part Five: Living Consciously
As It Happens

Week 35  Episode 18
Accepting your life up to now and the situation exactly as it is, being guided by your intelligence. 130 mins.

Week 36
Your last payment is made.

Week 37  Episode 19
Allowing everything in your life to happen without psychological interference and adapting easily to change. 146 mins.

Week 52
Your subscription ends.

Episodes for Download

The Course is streamed to your computer or device but you can also download and purchase the following episodes: 3, 9, 16, 18, 19.